Opening of open-air baths in Budapest


We kindly inform our guests about the planning opening date of our beaches and beach areas of our baths.
Opening of open-air baths in Budapest
Gellért Baths 
   beach area without wave service 30 March
   wave service27 April
Palatinus Baths27 April
Paskál Baths27 April
Dagály Baths27 April
Csillaghegyi Baths25 May
Római Baths2 June
Pünkösdfürdői Baths15 June
Pesterzsébeti Baths10 July


Széchenyi2 March
Gellért15 March
Rudas15 March
Lukács6 April

The expected closing date of Római and Pünkösdfürdő baths is 1 September, 2019 (to be changed upon weather conditions).